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This privacy policy is effective from May 25, 2018

At TalosCo Business Solutions Ltd, we understand that we have the responsibility to protect and respect your privacy and to protect your personal data.

This privacy policy includes the general terms of service, explains what kind of information we collect, how we use your personal data, the reasons we may need to disclose your personal data to third parties and how we store your personal data safely. For clarity reasons, TalosCo can be both a data controller and a data processor for your personal data under certain circumstances. We advise you, that this privacy policy is subject to change, so please check our website on a regular basis for any further changes.

How the law protect you

The GDPR states that we are only in a position to process personal data if we have good reasons to do so. The reasons we process your personal data include, but are not limited to, your consent, performance of the contract, invoicing and communication with you.

How we collect personal data from you

We receive information about you, from you, when you use our website, when you contact us by phone, email, live chat, fax or otherwise in relation to any of our products and services or when purchasing such a product. If you provide us with personal data about a third party – for example the person responsible for your network or your computers, you warrant that you have received explicit consent from them for the disclosure and use of their personal data. Your personal data may be collected automatically when you use our services, including but not limited to, IP address, information regarding specific devices, server logs, location information, unique application numbers.

What kind of data we collect from you

The personal data we collect from you includes name, address, email address, telephone numbers and payment information. We can also keep details of your visits to our site, including but not limited to, traffic data, website data, blogs and other communication data. We also keep records of your inquiries and correspondence in case you contact us.

How we use your data

We use information about you in the following ways:


  •        To process the sales orders, you have submitted to us.

  •        To provide you with products and/ or services.

  •        To comply with our contractual obligations, we have with you.

  •        To allow us to review, develop and improve our website and services.

  •        To provide customer services, including responding to your requests, if you contact us with a query.

  •        To manage accounts, process payments and track charges and payments.

  •        To detect online fraud and to make sure what you have said is right.

  •        To contact marketing and statistical analysis.

  •        For reviewing job applications.

  •        To inform you about changes to our programs as well as changes in services and prices.

  •        To provide you with information about the products or services you request from us or that we believe may be of interest to you, where you have agreed to contact you for such purpose.


Data retention periods

We will keep your personal data during the period you are a client with TalosCo and/or as long as it is necessary under applicable laws.

Regarding closing your account, we may keep your information for up to 7 years after you cancel your services with us. We may not be able to delete your data before 7 years due to legal and/or accounting/ tax obligations. We can also keep the data for research or statistical purposes. We assure you that your personal data will be used only for the purposes mentioned herein.

Who has access to your personal data

Here is a list of all the ways we can use your personal data and how we can share information with third parties. For clarity, we’ve grouped it into specific products and services that we offer:

  • Services: We process your data for administration, pricing, support and provision of services.

  • Cloud platform

  • E.R.P. Systems

  • Business Intelligence Systems

  • Third Parties

We will never sell your personal data to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes.

We may give your personal data to third parties to provide services on your behalf (for example, installation of databases or other technical tasks). However, we will share information that is necessary to provide the service, while we have specific contract in place which ensures that your data is secure and will not be used for marketing purposes.

Your Rights


Preventing the use or processing your personal data may delay us or prevent us from fulfilling our contractual obligations to you. It may also mean that we will not be able to provide our services or process the cancellation of your service.


You have the right to oppose the use of your personal data, or ask us to delete, remove or discontinue the use of your data if there is no need for us to keep it. This is known as your right to be forgotten. There are legal and accounting/tax reasons that we should keep your data, but please let us know if you think we are maintaining or misapplying your personal data.


Our privacy policy should be made clear to you at the point of collecting your personal data.


You can modify or delete your personal data by sending an email to


You have the right to request that we do not process your personal data for marketing purposes.


We will not contact you for marketing purposes unless you have given us your consent.

Access and Update of your personal data


The accuracy of your information should be maintained to ensure that all of your information, including but not limited to, name, address, title, telephone number, email address and payment information held today is correct. You must do this by updating your personal data and sending us the changes you wish to make at


You have the right to access you’re the information we hold for you. Please send your requests to so we can give you access.


Where we will store your personal data


We follow acceptable standards for storing and protecting the personal data we collect, including the use of encryption, if appropriate. All of the information you provide us is stored on our secure servers within the EU. From time to time, your data may be transferred and stored in a non-EU country in connection with the provision of services. However, we will ensure that reasonable measures are taken to protect your data in accordance with this privacy policy.


Due to the fact that the transmission of information over the internet is not absolutely safe, we cannot guarantee the security of the data transmitted to our website and that any transmission is at your own risk. Once we receive your information, we will use strictly security procedures and operations to try to prevent unauthorised access.


Any sensitive data (for example payment information) is encrypted and protected.


Data Breaches


In case of data breach, we will ensure that our obligations are met in accordance with the applicable data protection law (GDPR), if necessary.

Contact Us

Please send us an email with any questions or comments you may have regarding our privacy policy at

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