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Additional Features & Capabilities

In addition to general products and services on offer, TalosCo is continuously adding more capabilities to our offerings that would allow our clients to utilize their solutions to its full extent and to make sure that the solution is capable for in meeting the clients need. Below are a few of the additions on offer for our solutions. 

Medical Verification System

This is the  process where the medicines which requires recipe must pass from a KOEF control which is a central database for Europe-Cyprus in order to prove that medicines are original. This is a very complex procedure and  is build within NAV and it is now available in Atlantis using intermediary executable bridge which has been developed in order for Atlantis to send the instruction to  Navision and NAV will return back the answer from the KOEF site. This way we have two in one and both our systems are certified.

Technologies used:

  • JSON

  • SOAP web services

  • File Exchange

  • Com Components, DLL Registration

  • VB Script for 2D Parsing using the GS1 standard

  • Oracle store procedures



  • Dynamics NAV ERP

  • Atlantis ERP

  • Visual Studio

Multi Factor Autentication

Dynamics NAV can use Windows Authentication to login for users however with MFA there s an added layer of authentication which means that the security is improved. With MFA even each users needs to authenticate using 2 devices, (PC and Smart Phone) which means that even if a users password is known they are still secure as someone would still need the users Smart Phone to acceot authentication and login into the account. 

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