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TalosCo consultants have implemented and support a great number of successful Atlantis ERP implementations in Cyprus and Greece. You can rest assure that we will support your company in any task related to Atlantis ERP Solution.

ATLANTIS ERP – Integrated business information system to support your company’s competitiveness

In today’s demanding and fast changing business environment, the installation of an IT system constitutes a strategic decision. Conducting business is an ever-increasing challenge.


Enterprises need the best available solid information systems that will support all areas of business with flexibility and integrity, that will strengthen their organizational foundations and enhance company’s competitiveness and long term progress.

ATLANTIS, a modern ERP system, meets the high requirements of large enterprises, decentralized companies, groups of companies and multinational businesses. It incorporates UNISOFT experience having implemented thousands of systems in all business sectors.

Accompanied by a group of results-oriented services and based on UNISOFT ‘s unique software development technology, UNISOFT delivers a powerful set of applications to respond to the needs of changing businesses. ATLANTIS facilitates business processes as it maps changes to the system and supports the organizational structure of the company.

With business information available across all operations and full support of company-to-company communication, ATLANTIS gives you insight into your business needs. It also helps you increase employee competency at all levels as it provides the necessary tools for timely and intelligent decision-making.

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