Online and offline

The mobile application is able to operate without internet connection. It records every modification in offline mode then synchronizes the modifications with the MS Dynamics NAV server when you go online.

Deeply integrated

It is deeply integrated to the MS Dynamics NAV system thus it is able to run the same business logic as the all so familiar classic or RTC clients.

Out of the box

Many basic MS Dynamics NAV modules can be used immediately without customizing: sales, service, warehouse, production, project.


Since every company is unique, we designed the mobile application to be as easily and quickly configurable just like the MS Dynamics NAV system itself.

Easy to use

With it’s ergonomic and intuitive user interface it can be used right away, even without training.

Function rich

Many functions help the workflow to get more efficient. For instance, the bar-code scanner, PDF and Excel preview, direct printing, digital signature capture, integrated map, e-mail, telephone and browser functionality, and so on.



  • Can be easily customized for the specific needs of the company

  • Can be extended with additional functionalities on demand

  • The application utilizes the NAV business logic

  • Real-time or offline access to NAV data and functionality

  • Secure communication (NTLM, SSL)

  • Improves efficiency of field workers

  • Replaces paperwork

  • Phone book integration – import/export function

  • Utilizes the existing/built-in device capabilities (Call, email, browser, map)

  • Barcode scanning options

  • GPS-tracking and map integration

  • Reporting capabilities

  • Direct printing

  • Multi-lingual (English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Danish, Hungarian).

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