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Streamlining your business

Consulting, Implementation and Management in Information Systems, E.R.Ps and Business Intelligence




TalosCo has more than 3 decades worth of experience in Implementing, Customizing and Maintaining various E.R.P solutions.


With today's plethora of devices it is a must to have the relevant information available, anywhere, anytime on any device, optimized for that experience. 

Microsoft 365

With Microsoft investing heavily on Office, Exchange and Windows there has never been a better time to go full 21st Century with your business needs. With Cloud, Email, Teams and Office applications accessible anywhere and files ready to share with OneDrive and Sharepoint, your company will have the tools necessary to move foreward with tasks and collaborate with projects. 


External I.T. 

As more and more applications and features become cloud based and the functionality increases for remote support we are now in an era where your business can be fully supported remotely meaning the requirement for an In-House I.T. personnel is diminishing for smaller companies and being offset to consulting and managment companies such as TalosCo. We can support, maintain and project manage your I.T. infrastructure so that that you no longer need to call 3 or 4 different companies to solve an issue or implement a new system or optimise your current envrioment. You need only to call us and we will tak care of the rest.

With our knowledge of E.R.Ps and Data-warehousing a Business Intelligence Solution is key in accessing and analyzing your data for streamlining business operations and creating a strategy for the future

With the increase of general bandwidth available  and the diminishing costs of hosting, migrating to the Cloud has never been easier. With more affordable and secure Cloud Machines available with no initial fee and the ability to scale up or down without penalty makes the Cloud the next step in your business' I.T. infrastructure.



We only offer products we believe in but we have made sure that all of them run seamlessly with each other, these are products that were made to work together, so there is no issue with implementing one product and not be able to utilize the others on offer.



Using a plethora of tools available, TalosCo can create and implement a Dynamic Transformation Plan that allows Companies to bring their infrastructure and work flows to the latest Technology Trends and Business Standards. Gone are the days of Printing and Posting Documents, De-Centralized Information and Bottleneck Business Processes. 


Coding Station


TalosCo was formed in 2010 by George Panayiotou to provide a wide range of services and business solutions. Our goal is to grow at a rate that is both challenging and manageable without disrupting customer services.


If it doesn’t challenge you, you won’t improve.

Our team has built a solid reputation with over 35 years experience and we are considered among the most trusted and capable I.T. Consultants in Cyprus.  You can rest assured that TalosCo will provide quality and fast service to any business. At TalosCo we only offer products we truly believe will benefit the customer and its day to day operations, not to mention aid them in planning for the future.

By offering products we believe in with an understanding that the quality of the product should always outshine the quantity of the offerings, we have kept our solutions portfolio small but feature rich. Using this "best-in-class" practice and utilizing our knowledge we are absolutely certain that we can get deliver the solution you need and deserve.


All of our solutions are implemented, customized and maintained by TalosCo so we will be there for all issues and requests, from A-Z.

"We believe that our reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success and that exceptional and consistent service will reap the benefits in the long run"

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